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About Eric Tucker


Eric Tucker, a serial start-up entrepreneur, is the mastermind behind two successful companies and is constantly advancing towards new ventures and opportunities. With a 25+ year background in software and systems development, Eric prides himself in coaching professionals towards becoming creative, self-sufficient, problem solvers. At the end of his courses, participants learn Agile methods, but more importantly, how to empower others and foster their own potential, by creating a positive mentality for success. His favorite aspect of Agile is watching students level up in their careers, and offers free coaching for current and alumni students.

Eric’s drive to create phenomenal teams and culture is inspired by his father’s experiences as a blue collar worker in an era where respect and appreciation were overlooked. With classes that are designed to be fun, impactful and hands-on, he strives to help others by creating work environments that uplift and encourage their employees. His favorite piece of advice is, “Intelligence is making the right choice at a turning point in your life, wisdom is recognizing you’re at a turning point in your life”.

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