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About Kate Megaw

Enterprise Agile Coach, CST, CTC, PMP

Kate Megaw specializes in working with organizations on their journey to agility. She empowers teams to self-manage and collaborate effectively, fostering faster decision-making and a focus on customers’ rapidly changing needs.

Kate works with leaders throughout organizations, regardless of department, to create a more agile approach that encourages innovation, flexibility, and empowered teams, enabling organizations to achieve their purpose. She is happiest when she breaks through to a client and leads them to the ‘aha’ moment.

Kate has more than 20 years of experience working in Education, Operations, Project Management, IT, and Consulting. Before moving to the U.S., she founded and grew several community tech organizations, including Birmingham International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners (IAMCP), Agile Birmingham, and TechBirmingham’s suite of TechMixer events. She is a popular speaker at conferences such as Global Scrum Gatherings and Agile20xx.

Specialty Industries: Tech, Banking, Insurance

Keys to Kate’s effectiveness:

  • Majority of career spent managing and leading teams for global companies like XcitekSolutionsPlus (XSP), a leader in fintech, and H&R Block
  • BS in Information Management from the Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Kate’s certifications: CST, CTC, PMP

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