Agile is a set of values, principles, and methods that helps organizations build a culture of trust and efficiency. It’s a mindful practice of creating the highest level of customer value in the shortest amount of time while striving for continuous improvement.

About Us

Hyperdrive Agile is a leading consultancy focused on maximizing business performance. We help align your organization’s strategy with improved operating models through the strength of proven Agile systems.

From marketing and finance to technology, our consulting and training work spans across domains and industries. We also produce some of the largest Agile events in the country. Our premier event, AgileCamp, has been held in cities across the country, including Chicago, Portland, Dallas, New York and San Francisco.

The Hyperdrive Team

Stacey Louie, CEO and Enterprise Agile Coach

Mary Louie, President and Operations

Sherian Lutton, Training and Operations Manager

Steve Claus, Vice President of Enterprise Agile Strategy

Chelsea Campos, Head of Growth Marketing

Pamela Sawusch, Head of Talent Acquisition

Julie Gause, Marketing

Brittany Mash, Art Director

Mike Bellinger, Business Development

J Scott Smith, Software Engineering and Design

Cameron Louie, Customer Success Specialist

Alex Brown, Certified Scrum Trainer

Anu Smalley, Certified Scrum Trainer

Bob Schatz, Certified Scrum Trainer

Brad Swanson, Certified Scrum Trainer

Damon Poole, IC-Agile Trainer (IC-ATF and IC-ACC)

Ed Rapin, Graphic Recorder / Illustrator

Eric Rapin, Certified Scrum Trainer

Eric Tucker, Certified Scrum Trainer

Judy Neher, Certified Scrum Trainer

Julie Chickering, Certified Scrum Trainer

Luke Walter, Certified Scrum Trainer

Mark Palmer, Certified Scrum Trainer

Michael Stuedemann, Certified Scrum Trainer

Miljan Bajic, Certified Scrum Trainer

Steve Martin, Certified Scrum Trainer

Zuzi Sochova, Certified Scrum Trainer

Strategic Partnerships and Accreditation

Scrum Alliance is the largest accreditation body for Agile (Scrum). As a Registered Education Provider (REP) for the Scrum Alliance (over 500,000 members), Hyperdrive offers training for Certified ScrumMasters (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owners (CSPO). Hyperdrive actively partners with Scrum Alliance leadership by serving on the organization’s “Coaching Advisory Team.”
IC-Agile is the premiere certifying body for Agile Coaches. Hyperdrive offers IC-Agile courses on leadership and coaching.
Scaled Agile is the largest certifying body for scaling Agile frameworks. As a Scaled Agile partner, Hyperdrive offers certifications on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).
Project Management Institute (PMI) is a global non-profit association dedicated to advancing the profession of project management. The PMI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (PMI-SFBAC) is one of the largest PMI chapters with a membership base of over 3,000 members and still growing. The chapter is lead by volunteers and open to PMI members. Some of the chapter activities include, but are not limited to: organizing events, regional seminars, and certification programs. Become a member of PMI-SFBAC and enjoy exciting events, meet new peers and share your knowledge and expertise.

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