Hyperdrive is the proud producer of Agile Camp, one of the largest Agile conferences in North America and the largest independent Agile conference series in the world. It’s been described as the place where “thought leaders come together to expand the practice.” We’ve partnered with companies like Nike, Toyota, Atlassian, JP Morgan Chase, Capital One, and more to hold five conferences per year since 2013, each serving 1,200+ participants.

But don’t take our word for it, check out what attendees have to say:

“Events like this are critical, actually, for the community because if we understand Agile as a mindset, not as a process, then education is a huge part of changing people’s mindset.” – Admed Sidky, Ph.D., Head of Development Management, Riot Games

“This is an opportunity for deep learning. Learning from experts on really how to take a very specific skill, learn from others, and then be able to go apply it into your organization.” – Mamie Jones, SVP of Product Development, Intuit

“AgileCamp is a great opportunity for team members to learn with others, and bring that knowledge back to Toyota Connected to help us be even more Agile.” – Nigel Thurlow, Chief of Agile, Toyota Corporation

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