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About Miljan Bajic


Miljan Bajic is an entrepreneur, author, Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST).

He is a passionate professional who truly enjoys assisting others and has spent almost two decades fostering successful teams and helping organizations reinvent themselves.

Miljan has worked with Adobe, Bank of America, Fidelity, and non-traditional clients in the medical and construction fields. In addition, he’s helped hundreds of people design systems that combine lean thinking and agile approaches to deliver maximum organizational effectiveness.

He is very active in the Agile community and a frequent speaker at conferences and events worldwide. His popular podcast, Agile to Agility, explores a wide range of Agile topics on YouTube. He is also the author of Wicked Leadership, a book focusing on leading and thriving in highly complex environments.

Specialty Industries: Banking, Tech, Medical, Construction

Keys to Miljan’s effectiveness:

  • One of the roughly 90 Certified Enterprise Coaches (CECs) in the world
  • Teaches Agile Leadership and Process Improvement courses at the University of Southern Maine and Organizational Change at the University of Southern New Hampshire.
  • BS in Computer Science from Bryant University and MBA from the University of Southern New Hampshire

Client Review: “I have sat through hundreds of online classes, presentations, etc., and I can say with great confidence that your presentation style, tone of voice, pace, and sincerity in answering questions was by far the best class I have ever taken." I 100% loved how you facilitated and used the videos, Mural, and stayed away from PowerPoint! Just perfect…

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