What can you do to build a culture of joyful leadership in your organization?

We had the pleasure of hosting Rich Sheridan – veteran AgileCamp speaker, author, and CEO and Chief Storyteller at Menlo Innovations – at Hyperdrive’s July Lunch & Learn event. After an hour of “ah-ha” moments, Rich left us energized and inspired to “lift” our team’s energy, “thrust” forward with a purpose-driven mission, and eliminate the limiting “weight” of bureaucracy and fear. We invite you to listen to this eye-opening presentation and share it with your organization.

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Four Tips to Leading with JOY!

Inspired by his latest book, Chief Joy Officer, this talk explores Rich’s own journey to joy, focusing on how he learned to lead in a completely different way and, by doing so, witnessed results that exceeded his wildest expectations. Some call it agile, but Sheridan and his team call it joyful!

1. Busy and chaotic does not mean productive. We are accustomed to believe that the busier we are, the better. Not true! You can be busy from the start to finish of a day, yet get nothing done. This “hustle” leads to poor work/life balance, overtime, missed deadlines – negative events that we all know too well.

2. Remember the Four Forces of a Human Organization. If you want to create a strong culture based on joy, happiness, safety, and engagement, you have to look at your human processes. There are four forces at work in a human organization: 1. Lift of human energy, 2. Weight of bureaucracy, 3. Drag of fear (micromanaging), 4. Thrust of purpose that pulls us forward. To lead your teams off the ground and build a positive team culture, you must reduce weight and drag and focus on lift and thrust.

3. Focus your attention on human energy, trust, and team purpose. Human energy, trust, and purpose are at the heart of what makes Menlo Innovations a joyful place to work. Energy lifts the teams’ spirit, and their shared purpose drives it forward. Most importantly, you must trust your team (no more micromanaging!) to truly release their human potential.

4. Support collaboration and transparency. Employees thrive in workplaces that allow them to interact with each other, their customers, and the ability to see, firsthand, the results of their work. Now more than ever, people are more likely to seek employment from companies whose values align with theirs. Creating a positive workplace benefits both employees and the organization, directly impacting retention rates, project success and overall ROI.

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“The part of us that makes us the most interesting, the most human, is something that will never be replaced by computers – creativity, imagination, invention and innovation.” - Rich Sheridan

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