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While Nike had adopted Agile as a method prior to our engagement with them, the practice hadn’t been rolled out in full across the organization. As a result, the leadership was seeing only pockets of improvement. As part of Nike’s innovation strategy, which included reducing time-to market, the company’s leadership planned to increase their agile capabilities. Their aim was to increase the overall agility of the organization in an effort to 1) improve team engagement, and 2) reduce costs.

Hyperdrive trained and developed 30 Nike Agile Coaches over the course of the engagement, located across the world. In addition to the OPEX savings of over $4 million, the Nike Consumer Digital arm was able to focus their efforts on meeting the larger company goals of increasing innovation and reducing time-to-market for their deliverables. Moreover, Nike surprised Wall Street with strong 2nd quarter growth following the engagement. An analyst reported, “We believe Nike’s Q2 performance proves the brand remains strong, margin drivers are intact (Direct to Consumer / Digital) and global demand is healthy.”

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