About Axel Berle

CST & Agile Coach

About Axel Berle

Axel Wilhelm Berle has been an international IT consultant and software developer in a wide range of industries for more than 20 years. He has worked as an agile developer, Scrum Master, trainer and coach at companies like the National Bank of Kuwait, Magazine Luiza, Santander, Lufthansa Systems, Devk, Dekra, Seguros Sura, Syngenta and Heine. He had his first contact with Scrum in 2011 as a Java developer in Germany.

Working in agile teams opened my eyes, work should always be like this! So often as a software developer, you are called in when the ship is already sinking. I was immediately very fascinated by the approach and possibilities of Scrum and Agility.

Axel’s Career

Eager to learn more, he sought out projects that involved Scrum. His first project took him from Brazil to Munich and finally to India. He decided to specialize in Scrum and Agility and to help others reach their goals efficiently.

Developing a team from the ground up is one of the most rewarding experiences. I love the idea of building a collective brain and turning a group of people into one where we all work together seamlessly.

Born and raised in Belgium, he has lived in Brazil for the majority of his career. When Axel isn’t working, he loves to go hiking and spend time in nature.

Whenever he has the opportunity, he speaks at conferences about his areas of expertise: BDD and TDD as techniques for agile quality assurance, as well as a wide variety of workshop formats and facilitation techniques for ongoing product discovery. He is the founder and leader of the Brazilian meetup “Scrum & Agility Brasil”. He can speak seven languages and hosts training courses in German, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Many people think that scrum is just a delivery mechanism. That is not the case! To help clarify, I try to paint a picture of the work of a Scrum Master and their toolbox. So, what are the tools? Teaching, facilitation, coaching, mentoring, etc. Each has their place in an Agile environment.

A visual learner himself, Axel utilizes drawings and imagery to teach course concepts. His vast experience with Scrum, and expertise working with all different types of teams lends itself to successful outcomes for students. He will help you unleash your team’s potential when you enroll in his transformational training!

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