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About Judy Neher


Judy Neher is a STEM trailblazer in her respective industries. Her unstoppable drive and determination have helped her shape major Agile transformations in both public and private sectors. Judy’s can-do attitude and experience as a project manager have inspired countless women to also excel in their fields.

As a trainer, Judy is motivated by feedback from students on how Agile thinking has changed their life and the course of their careers. Her favorite aspect of Agile is it brings people together from all different types of backgrounds and opinions. Judy’s advice to newer professionals: “Have confidence in yourself, no matter your background or who your audience is.”

Keys to Judy’s effectiveness:

  • Can-do attitude and experience as a project manager
  • Enjoys helping others foster an Agile way of thinking
  • Professional experience in mathematics, tech and government
  • Judy’s Certifications: CST, CSP, CSPO, CSM, CPCC, CAL-T

Client 5-Star Google Review: “I took the two-day CSPO course in November 2020 through Hyperdrive. From the registration through certification confirmation, everything was incredibly efficient and detailed. Judy Neher taught the course and she was a great instructor, facilitator and led a very high-quality virtual course. I would highly recommend courses through Hyperdrive. Thanks!”


About Judy Neher

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