About Zuzi Šochová

Agile Coach, Author and CST

Zuzi Šochová’s passport looks a lot like her Agile resume – full of experiences that have taken her around the world to train companies in sustainable agile leadership. An international trailblazer, Zuzi has spent the last 15 years transforming individuals and teams, challenging them to question the norm, explore new perspectives/mindsets, and dive deeper into agility. By creating and sustaining agile leadership, Zuzi believes the worlds of work and life can be made happier and more successful.

Zuzi is a founder of the Czech Agile Association, and the world-famous AgilePrague conference. She is also the author of The Great Scrum Master: #ScrumMasterWay and The Agile Leader.

Keys to Zuzi’s effectiveness:

  • International experience to help global industry leaders through Agile transformations
  • Energizes her classroom by challenging the status quo and providing different points of view
  • Member of Scrum Alliance Board of Directors
  • Zuzi’s certifications: CSM, CSPO, CST
  • Specialty Industries: IT

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