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Every year, Hyperdrive trains dozens of Fortune 100 companies. We build enduring partnerships with our clients, who consistently choose us because they see stellar results. Our customers know they’re learning from the industry’s finest as we hand-select top instructors from around the world. Collectively, they’ve taught over 1,000 classes and have 500+ years of real-world experience across a vast array of industries. Unleash the potential of your people with our exceptional training for teams.

Why Choose Hyperdrive’s Group & Private Training?

As one of the world’s largest training organizations, we’ve proudly served more than 15,000 alumni. Each year, we train dozens of Fortune 100 companies. We enjoy lasting relationships with our customers, who continue to choose us as their trusted training partner throughout their careers.

Award-Winning Training

We’ve won “Best” Bay Area corporate training every year since 2019.

Simple, Streamlined Training Solutions

3 tiers that fit every need and budget.

World-Class Instructors

Learn from industry thought leaders and the world’s top experts.

5-Star Rated Training

Perfect 5/5 stars on Google and Facebook.

Group & Private Training Packages From Hyperdrive

Cultivate better business practices and cultures with Hyperdrive’s streamlined group training solutions. Our training packages provide all the advantages of purchasing our award-winning, 5-star rated, individual training courses — and much more! Choose from three package tiers that fit every budget and unique need, and rest assured that you’re getting the most for your money and your teams.

Public Team Training Package (5+ attendees)

Hyperdrive’s Public Team Training Package is designed for 5 or more employees. This is an excellent choice if you don’t have enough students to fill a private class, or the attendees’ schedules don’t permit them to attend simultaneously. Our flexible scheduling means your employees can take a class that best fits their calendars.

Private Team Training Package (15+ attendees)

Our Private Team Training Package is for 15 or more employees and is specially tailored to fit your company’s context. We ensure that the exercises and examples used in classes are pertinent to your industry and/or domain. We’ll even match your group with specific trainers who have experience in the same or a similar business sector, adding even more relevance to what attendees learn — this enables team members to discuss real-world challenges that they’re facing in their own projects. It also fosters collaboration with their instructor about how best to address those challenges, so it's like having their own private coach.

Full-Service Training Package (Min. 3 private classes)

Our Full-Service Training Package is an ongoing partnership, including a pre-scheduled series of private courses for your company. This gives you consistent cost-savings throughout the year while keeping you free from the overhead of booking trainers and managing registrations. We manage this entire process from end to end. We provide consistent delivery of customized curricula, which means that attendees hear the same message in the same way from the same trainers, building a shared understanding of our training methods.

Compare Package Features

Package Features

Individual Public Class Registration

No package purchased - your employees register and attend independently

Public Team Training Package

Learn together in public classroom setting (5+ attendees)

Private Team Training Package

Customized schedule and curriculum (15+ attendees)

Full-Service Training Package

Ongoing partnership with consistent delivery of customized curricula (No attendee min. 3 private classes min.)
Individual Classes
5-Star Rated, Expert Instructors
Certification/ Exam Fees
Two Free Test Retakes*
2-Year Membership to Scrum Alliance
Earn PDUs for PMI certifications; SEUs for Scrum Alliance
Discounted Price Lock
Guaranteed seat in class
Customized Course Content
Customized Schedule
Coaching/ Extended Learning
1:1 Pre- and Post-Course Session with a Trainer or Coach
Free Monthly Coaching Sessions
Free Workshop of Choice (Topic/ Industry-Specific)
Exclusive Access to Our Continuous Learning Events
Opportunity for Private Lunch & Learn Sessions (Topic of Choice)
Early Access & Discounted Tickets for AgileCamp
Access to VIP AgileCamp Tickets
Learning & Development Support
Marketing Materials to Promote Training
Easy Billing & Registration
Dedicated Private Registration Page
Customized Learning Path

* Get your employees certified — guaranteed! Registration includes two free attempts for each certification exam (if applicable). We guarantee that your employees will pass. If they don’t, we’ll provide free 1:1 coaching until they do and cover the cost of any additional exam fees.

Award-Winning, 5-Star Rated Training for Teams

Why we’re trusted by

Earn Better Returns With an Investment in Your Teams’ Success.

Group training multiplies the impact of individual employee learning and development and maximizes the return on your training investment. Teams become empowered with new ways of working so they can quickly adapt to uncertainty and turn challenges into opportunities like never before.

Create Happy, High-Performing Teams

A group that trains together in its own environment forms stronger bonds that reinforce learning. Team members develop a shared drive to be more effective and efficient, igniting enterprise performance.

Solve Your Company’s Unique Challenges

Our Private and Full-Service training packages allow our experts to tailor the entire experience–from the schedule and delivery method to the curriculum–to your company’s unique needs. Live online or in-person private training enables open discussions and working sessions dedicated to solving your company’s distinct challenges.

Boost Your Business’s Bottom Line

The data is in! A Gallup employee engagement meta-analysis showed engaged teams saw 14-18% greater productivity, 81% less absenteeism, 18-43% less turnover, and 23% higher profits. In addition, Hyperdrive training packages typically save companies up to 50% compared to registering those students for individual public classes.

Elevate Your Enterprise Performance.

If you have questions, we have answers. Get personalized support from the world’s leaders in business transformation.