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Stacey Louie, CEO and Enterprise Agile Coach at Hyperdrive, has a decade of experience in architecting and delivering organizational transformations at Fortune 100 companies. In working with organizations around the globe, he’s identified five key things that you need to do to be a successful transformation catalyst. And to ensure that you’re on the right track or even if you’re contemplating leading a transformation — whether it is with a team of three or an enterprise of 30,000 — Stacey offers practical advice to help you along your journey.


Here in Silicon Valley, we see hundreds of companies who are thriving off of their ability to change. In fact, their ability to change helps them innovate and adapt to what customers really want. But not every organization is built this way. And in fact, 10 years ago, I worked for an organization where we struggled with the very same thing. We were struggling with keeping customers happy. We had a high number of bugs and a lot of the projects that we ran were just late.

So what do we do about it?

Well, we started implementing new ways of working. In fact, we adopted Agile as a new way of working, and today with Hyperdrive, we’re sharing what we’ve learned here in Silicon Valley, as well as taking some of the lessons I learned when I was implementing Agile myself.

So, with that, here are five key things that you could do today to help accelerate your organizational change.

First: Start with you

You’re the change agent. Without you, nothing else is going to change. So embrace that.

As a change agent, take on the accountability to start identifying what things could change in the organization.

Don’t worry about waiting for your manager or your managers to bless you to do this thing. You’ve got to take it on your own.

And the other thing is don’t just dismiss this and hand it off to your direct reports.

Take accountability. Take the change. You can do it.

Second: start with all projects or small work

So, you want to make a change. Yes, you want to make this big organizational shift and that’s great.

But first, consider this: Start thinking about how you can accelerate your learning and accelerate the momentum of excitement by making smaller changes.

Instead of a big plan, think about some of the things you can do in the organization to help build momentum so that people can start building an appetite for having change.

This is going to give you that sense of excitement. And it’s going to give you a sense of success as you build off change after change.

Third: build change as a habit

So what this means is once you finish your first project, start your second project or your second change. And then start your third change.

Build this as a repeatable process and think to yourself, once you build this momentum and it continues to grow, other people are going to get just as excited about change as you are.

So make this a habit and build it into your everyday life.

Fourth: measure the results

So, you’ve got all these changes going on. Great, but without measuring it, then how do you identify whether you are successful or not successful?

How can you show the old state versus the present state and potentially what’s the future state?

Think about how you would measure these results and communicate to others how these results help your business grow.

Fifth: share your wins

So as soon as you start making some changes, don’t be afraid to bring these changes up in your next group meeting, or to have a conversation with your manager about it.

As you’re socializing these ideas about change itself and the benefits of these changes, you can take these measurements and start to illustrate what the company can do to benefit from having the changes that you’re implementing.

So keep socializing it, and make it exciting. Keep it positive.


Now through these five steps, focus on you. Start with small projects, make it a habit, measure your results, and share and solve. You’re going to build an incredible journey for yourself and your organization.

Remember big journeys, start with small steps. Learn about how Hyperdrive’s Agile Consulting service can help you transform.

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