Presented by Ian Maple & Alan Eustace

At Workday, teams and leaders come to us all the time and ask us - ‘Can you please make my team agile?’ Our response is almost always some form of ‘We’d love to…but can you start by rephrasing that request without using the word agile?’

By asking this question, we can uncover what they really want. Once we understand their team’s goals and objectives, we can discuss how to implement specific agile, design, or innovation practices that deliver the outcomes they want.

The problem we face is that Agile covers a vast array of team and leader challenges, as well as potentially all areas of an enterprise. The Workday Agility program applies a structured evolutionary approach to ensure that we stay focused on delivering the results our internal customers want in a focused and data-informed way.

So come and join us to learn more about the Workday Agility approach in a fun, interactive session!


Ian Maple, Head of Agility, Workday

Ian is an experienced international keynote speaker, trainer, global technology leader, and agilist who has led and worked with technology teams and organizations of all sizes worldwide. Ian currently serves as Head of Agility for Workday, a California-based financial and human capital management software vendor, with over 15000 employees supporting products in 175 countries worldwide. He is responsible for building and driving an enterprise Agility program that delivers a consistent yet highly flexible, agile, design, and innovative approach to hundreds of teams and leaders as they advance to the next level of agility outcomes.

Alan Eustace, Principal Agility Leader, Workday

Alan is an agility leader, coach, and speaker who has worked with hundreds of leaders and teams globally, helping them tap into their fullest potential.

He currently serves as Principal Agility Leader on the Workday Agility global program, where he is responsible for defining the next level of ‘awesome’ and leading its training and coaching components. He is also a certified Integral Coach and a mindfulness teacher. Having both served as an engineer and product owner in various startups, as well as an engineering leader, he has empathy for and experience with multiple organizational perspectives.

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