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SA does have a searchable database of people worldwide who hold certifications from their organization. This is what Tai’s tool was scraping. The search function on the site has a limit to the number of results it will return. For example, I cannot get the total number of people who have valid CSPO in the USA, but I can get all of those in California who do (6264 as of today, if you were wondering). However, I cannot get the total of CSMs in California because the number is too high. (This is the message: “Too many results, provide name or email to narrow your search.”)

I can attempt to pull each month the total number for states we care about and certifications we offer, understanding that this method likely excludes CSM) Then track the MOM changes, which could give us trends, though not specific number of people gaining/losing certifications. I don’t think that would be helpful, unless suddenly there were tons left each month. I’ve tried to find an alternative.

From this video you will learn:

The framework used to guide this successful transformation, and how to apply it to their organization The importance of putting culture change first when transforming their organization Real-world examples of Agile transformation issues and how to tackle them head-on.


Sangeeta Sastry is a Digital Transformation and Enterprise Agility leader, with more than 20 years of experience in coaching executives in organizational design for the digital revolution. Her background includes transformation initiatives at PayPal, eBay, Salesforce and Cisco. Sangeeta’s approach is human-centric and action-oriented. She is currently completing a PhD in Organizational Design at Walden University.

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