Presented by Jennifer Claxton

In this talk, Jennifer Claxton details a readiness-focused PI Planning approach born from real-world experience in a large financial services firm. Inspired by Ken Clyne’s insights on PI Planning salvage efforts, She highlights the crucial role of upfront readiness to circumvent post-planning fixes. This talk delves into the challenge of insufficient context derailing agile team directions during PI Planning, resulting in capacity constraints. She proposes a collaborative, continuous planning model to navigate the fine line between over-planning and insufficient detail.

She addresses the following topics:

  • How to ensure program backlog readiness to avoid post-PI Planning fixes.
  • How collaborative planning mitigates uncertainties and capacity limitations.
  • Prerequisites for effective PI Planning readiness: detailed Epics, informed product management, empowered technical stakeholders, and robust business-IT alignment.
  • How to refine features early for clarity and alignment pre-planning.
  • Tangible results include enhanced ART readiness tracked through tailored progress reports.
  • Jennifer’s insights detail how readiness-focused PI Planning can mitigate uncertainties and streamline agile processes, offering actionable strategies for planning success.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Jennifer Claxton, an Agile Transformation Manager Principal, is a distinguished leader in IT, recognized for consistently delivering exceptional business value. With a strong background in IT leadership, she excels in problem-solving and detail-oriented execution, ensuring the achievement of set goals. Jennifer’s dedication to fostering strong team relationships, rooted in quality, integrity, and a robust work ethic, is evident. Certified as a SAFe Agilist and Project Management Professional, she advocates for Agile methodologies and efficient project management to elevate customer value. With a Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University, she merges academic excellence with practical expertise. Jennifer’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond technology as a small business owner and as a Certified Advanced Neurotoxin Injector, showcasing her diverse skill set and interests. Her strategic vision and passion for innovation position her as a transformative leader, bridging technology, business agility, and customer-centric solutions.

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