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Radically Simple OKRs: Presented by Jason Brady

The OKRs process can be daunting for organizations new to setting Objectives and Key Results. Even for organizations that have been using the process for a while, without proper training and ongoing refreshers, teams can muddy the waters by turning OKRs into a checklist of tasks instead of a measure of success.

In this session, presented by veteran Agile Transformation Coach Jason Brady, you’ll learn the basics of OKRs and how to write effective ones, plus common anti-patterns for adopting them.

Jason will discuss:

  • The Origin of OKRs
  • The Anatomy of an OKR
  • How to write great OKRs
  • The effectiveness of the Scaled OKRs process
  • Why OKR adoption sometimes fails, and how to implement them successfully.

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With 15 years of Agility experience, Jason Brady is a highly experienced agile coach and consultant, who is currently shepherding bp (oil & gas) through their Agile Transformation. Jason has enjoyed helping companies such as Walt Disney, MotorTrend, and to get better at being responsive to change while still achieving their goals. His passion is to help others reduce the importance of being busy and coach them toward achieving a more rewarding, outcome-driven, and result-oriented way of working.

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