About Lucy O’Keefe

CST & Agile Coach

Luciana (Lucy) O’Keefe is a passionate and effective mentor in the Agile industry. She is a leader in transformation and coaching both for teams and executives as well as a speaker at Agile events across the country. As a Scrum Trainer, she is committed to mentorship and ensuring her student’s Scrum training is applicable beyond the classroom.

I love self-development. Inspecting and adapting is something that I’ve always thought about. You have to think about where you are and what you’ve done in order to become better tomorrow. It’s about continuous improvement and identifying the adaptations needed to move forward.

Lucy started her career as a Computer Programmer and Business Analyst and has held every position on a Scrum team — ensuring that she knows both the details of the work and the pain points each team member faces.

I believe that the ScrumMaster is the glue that holds a Scrum Team together. A strong partnership between the SM and the Product Owner is the foundation for all successful products. As a coach and trainer, my role is to support this relationship, foster their growth mindsets, and emphasize the importance of continuous improvement.

Lucy started with Scrum in 2012, became Scrum Master, and got her CSM in 2015. From there, she quickly progressed to an Agile coach, allowing her to hone her talents for problem-solving and team building. In addition, she helped lead Wells Fargo’s Auto Finance Agile transformation efforts as the Vice President, Agile Coach and ScrumMaster Execution Lead.

Now, Lucy uses her three decades of experience to help companies embrace Agile at the organizational and individual levels. Her passion and purpose is to help others build more fulfilling and successful careers through Agile, as she was able to do.

I used to be in the “waterfall world” where it’s hierarchical leadership, and the people at the top make all the decisions. We never did what we said we were going to do. We never achieved the objectives that we wanted. But I knew there had to be a way to make change. That’s when I learned about Scrum and Agile business. Once I found it and brought it into the organization, we could see the transformation happening. I became the Agile expert and truly found my calling to help others create the change they want to see.

Lucy has traveled the world, living in Brazil and Italy before making her home in Clearwater, Florida. As a polyglot fluent in English, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish, she’s among the distinguished 3% of the world’s population proficient in 4+ languages. Lucy’s unparalleled communication and collaboration abilities create an enriched learning experience for her students. She will help you become a force for positive transformation, too, when you enroll in her empowering course.

Specialty industries:

IT/Software Non-Profit Financial Services Healthcare Insurance Agriculture


MSc, Computer Information Systems, University of Miami BSc, Systems Analysis, University of Miami


Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST) Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach (CTC)


About Lucy O’Keefe

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