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CST & PhD in Change Management and Organizational Leadership

Dr. Steve Martin is the go-to instructor for individuals and Fortune 100 companies looking for a true expert in Agile to lead their course learning and transformation efforts. With nearly 30 years of experience, his successful career is capped by a Doctorate in Business Administration, with a focus on organizational culture and agility. His dissertation, “Culture of control and large-scale agile transformation success” was born from his real-world experience transforming resistant Waterfall cultures from the leadership to the team level. Steve believes that any culture can be transformed to become healthier and more productive, and that any business can benefit materially from the application of Agile frameworks.

Steve began his career as a Disney cast member, and brings the same upbeat and energetic approach to teaching Agile courses and workshops. His students and colleagues describe him as a master teacher with a natural talent for empathy and an ability to truly live by Agile values. His students say, “Steve is a gem. His pacing, content, and activities were wonderful, and immediately applicable in the real world. This was the best course I’ve ever taken, and that includes my college courses!”

Steve’s coaching and consulting focuses on executive and C-level clients, including organizational design, top-down transformation strategies, and Lean/Agile business processes. His work with the Fortune 100 spans a number of industries, including biotech & pharma, IT, financial services, entertainment, and publishing & communications. Regardless of the field, Steve’s adaptable, practical approach allows him to create custom solutions for his clients.

“It’s important to me that the courses I teach are not just ‘by-the-book’. Agile training should be rich with insights about how to apply the concepts in everyday business scenarios. I want to give my students exposure to Agile values and principles in a way that fosters deep learning, so that they can practice what they learn in-class immediately."

Specialty Industries: Healthcare IT, Finance, Insurance, Biotechnology, Publishing and Communications

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