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Presented by Ron Orrick

Ron Orrick discusses his take on applying Lean/Agile practices to the world of finance.

Framing discussion: how do we define lean/agile finance?

  • Guardrails and concepts: how do we think about finance in a lean/agile world?
  • The finance department: what capabilities do we need to have or evolve?
  • Specifics by industry: some considerations depending on the situation/delivery model.
  • Key questions and Q&A

About Ron Orrick

Ron has a 40-year technology career spanning six industry verticals (consulting, healthcare, insurance, advertising, online retail, and non-profit) and is currently the President and CEO of Thrivent Federal Credit Union.

Having led agile transformations in three organizations, led engineers for many years, and being not wholly unfamiliar with the concepts of finance, Ron has designed and influenced the adoption of lean/agile finance several times.

Ron and his wife Brigitte live in Monument, Colorado with four of their six children and a golf course and Pikes Peak off the back deck.

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