Presented by Ron Orrick

Building Your Finance IQ to be a Better Agilist

Ron Orrick discusses his take on applying Lean/Agile practices to the world of finance.

Defining Lean/Agile Finance

Guardrails and Concepts

In this section, Orrick explores how to establish boundaries and principles that align financial operations with Lean/Agile methodologies, ensuring consistency and effectiveness.

The Finance Department: Required Capabilities

Orrick identifies essential skills and competencies that finance teams must cultivate to thrive in a Lean/Agile environment. This includes adaptability, collaborative skills, and data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Specifics by Industry

Orrick considers industry-specific nuances and challenges, providing tailored insights into implementing Lean/Agile finance principles based on different industry contexts and delivery models.

Key Questions and Q&A

Throughout the discussion, Orrick addresses key inquiries about Lean/Agile finance and engages in a Q&A session to provide practical advice and solutions based on his extensive experience.

About Ron Orrick

Ron Orrick brings over 40 years of technology leadership across various industries, including consulting, healthcare, insurance, advertising, online retail, and non-profit sectors.

Currently serving as the President and CEO of Thrivent Federal Credit Union, Orrick has led multiple Agile transformations and championed the adoption of Lean/Agile practices in finance.

He resides in Monument, Colorado, with his wife and four of their six children, enjoying views of a golf course and Pikes Peak from their home.

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