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Presented by Evelyn Tian

In the world of Agile, we know there’s more to honing Business Agility than simply using the techniques of Scrum or Kanban. However, the gap between “doing” Agile and “being agile” is difficult to bridge for businesses of all sizes. How can companies be sure that their Agile Transformation efforts will unlock real results?

In this session, presented by Evelyn Tian, Agile coach and trainer with nearly 30 years of international experience in product development and leading Lean and Agile Transformations, attendees will learn how to achieve Business Agility, and make real impacts on products and organizations with a value-driven strategy.

Evelyn will draw on her decades of experience coaching organizations of all sizes and mentoring agile practitioners from over 70 countries to demystify Business Agility. From how to start to where to focus effort and investment, Evelyn will take attendees beyond a practice or department-based approach to one that focuses on delivering the most value for the business, breaking down silos to achieve excellence in product, business and organization.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to describe and use value-driven strategy
  • How to apply value-driven thinking to their business needs
  • Tools and tips for identifying areas needing improvement
  • Two actions they can take immediately after the session to improve their business!

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Evelyn Tian is an in-demand keynote speaker and one of the Agile industry’s most engaging, empathetic teachers. Whether she is leading an organizational transformation, coaching executives, or training the next generation of Agile leaders, Evelyn has a phenomenal ability to distill complex topics into digestible, relatable lessons, and connect with her students and mentees to ensure they are comfortable, engaged and stimulated.

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