Presented by Hyperdrive Agile CEO, Stacey Louie

What is Scrum In Agile?

Stacey Louie, experienced Agile coach and CEO of Hyperdrive Agile, explains the basics of what using scrum in project and product management means and how it can work for you!

Scrum operates by facilitating three key benefits:

Firstly, it aids in prioritizing work, guiding teams to pinpoint and concentrate on the most crucial tasks.

Scrum helps team members by clearly defining roles. It also breaks down tasks into manageable steps. This helps the team plan and deliver outcomes effectively.

Scrum helps reach small goals that lead to bigger projects, from organizing tasks to delivering the final product successfully.

Lastly, Scrum aims to enhance overall organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and value, ensuring that each increment of work adds meaningful value to the end product or service.

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