Presented by Damon Poole

How Professional Coaching Can Accelerate Agile Adoption

At work, and in our personal lives, we sometimes get “stuck,” no option looks good and we aren’t sure how to proceed.

We reach out to others to be a sounding board or to get advice, or both. Coaching is a toolkit of skills purpose-built to help people move forward in exactly that situation.

As part of an Agile adoption, as people figure out how to accomplish their work in an Agile way, they are likely to end up “stuck” more often. Thus, it is useful to have Professional Coaching skills to accelerate an Agile adoption.

In this session to accelerate agile adoption, you will learn the following:

  • Ask questions to help people determine what problem they want to solve and paths to that solution

  • Provide feedback, advice, and expertise with a coaching mindset rather than an expert mindset

  • Partner with people to find the solution that they see the value in and are equipped to carry out

Meet Damon Poole

Damon Poole has worked as a software development entrepreneur in the product and Agile Coaching spaces for over 20 years.

He has provided Agile coaching and training for thousands of people at EMC, Capital One, Oanda, Ford, and Fidelity. In addition, he created Eliassen’s Agile Transformation approach and the training content across all aspects of Agile — he led the effort there to provide opportunities for coaches to advance in their coaching journey.

Damon’s Agile Team Facilitator and Coaching Agile Teams courses offer great takeaways for students looking to elevate their leadership approach and expand their career opportunities. His classes help them become great coaches by making coaching a natural extension of who they are.

Join Damon and earn your ICAgile ATF & ACC certifications:

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