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Presented by Ken Clyne

Agile teams of teams have long benefited from coming together roughly every quarter and aligning on expected outcomes. Renamed PI Planning, Scaled Agile made this practice the cornerstone of their SAFe framework. Now, with the huge popularity of SAFe, we are witnessing many struggling with PI Planning. Old habits are creeping in that the signatories of the Agile Manifesto railed against in 2001. Will the failure of PI Planning lead to many turning their back on SAFe and subsequently Agile, or can we salvage the goodness of PI Planning and right our agile ship?

Ken Clyne’s experience with PI Planning predates the term. Through many years of observing and coaching this widely popular yet often maligned practice, he shares his thoughts and guidance around:

  • Determining if you are a good fit for PI Planning
  • Key outcomes from a successful PI Planning event
  • Common pitfalls of PI Planning
  • Practical tips for how to succeed with PI Planning
  • If you’re considering discarding PI Planning, what you should salvage.

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ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Ken has been trusted advisor to some of the world’s leading companies as they strive to improve their development capability. Ken coaches and advises leadership and teams at all levels as they strive to stay abreast of today’s rapidly changing business environment. Through a focus on building trust and openness Ken has led many on the path to greater transparency, increased innovation and a more empowering, joyful work environment. Ken excels at building and leading coaching teams to support large scale enterprise transformation.

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